Ahmadinejad visits; Havaar Protests Iranian State Repression & US-Led Sanctions & War Threats

The Iranian head of state, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, will be attending the UN General Assembly in the last week of September. Since Ahmadinejad took office in the aftermath of the rigged elections in 2009, he has repeatedly denied the existence of political prisoners and human rights violations in Iran. Join Havaar as we raise our voices in protest against the unjust detention of the many political prisoners, union workers and prisoners of conscience in Iran.

Many of the political prisoners have spoken against the sanctions imposed by the United States and threats of military attack against Iran. Join us as we take this opportunity to once again demand the and end to the unethical and illegitimate sanctions policy and war mongering imposed by the United states and Israel.

It is worth noting, that this will be the last time that Ahmadinejad will be addressing the UN, so, let’s make sure we send him off properly!The exact time and location of the protest will be determined after the information regarding Ahmadinejad’s stay becomes available. So stay tuned for updates on the event page!

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